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Finding Other People’s Hands in Your Pockets: Fox & Ors. v McLoughlin & LV= - James Pinder, DWF LLP

08/11/16. The bringing of contempt proceedings is a useful tool in an insurer’s armoury and can prove to be a strong deterrent against those who attempt to bring fraudulent personal injury claims, especially those who are serial claimers.

DWF Partner, James Pinder takes a brief look at how the threat of contempt proceedings in this case, in which he acted for LV= was enough to convince a group of individuals, who had dishonesty sought damages for personal injury to pay LV= £25,000 in damages and costs.


The claimants had all suggested that they had been injured in a road traffic accident on 13th December 2013, when two cars, each containing four people, collided. LV= received seven injury claims, all supported by reports from medical experts, plus associated special damages. Some payments had been made pre-litigation.

Intel searches revealed that the claimants had been involved in...

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