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Quantum Report: Float v Hedingham & District Omnibuses Ltd (2016) - Annie Bates, Express Solicitors

24/01/17. The claimant, a 55 year old man, received £110,000 for a foot injury he sustained in December 2010 when he fell from a ladder in his place of work.

Total Damages: £110,000 Type of Award: Out of Court

Trial/Settlement date: 19th July 2016 Court: Out of Court Settlement

Age at trial: 55 Age at injury: 49

Sex: Male

Employers Liability: On 17th December 2010, the claimant (C), an employee of the defendant (D), was working up a ladder repairing a shutter mechanism on a door when he fell from the ladder and landed on his foot.

C sustained a significant injury to his foot and brought an action against D alleging that they were negligent and in breach of statutory duty in; failing to implement an adequate risk assessment and protective measures, failing to provide information, training, planning, assistance and supervision regarding safety at work and working at heights, failing to provide appropriate equipment and assessments of the same, failing to provide a safe working environment, failing to install effective systems and failing to prevent foreseeable, unnecessary risk of injury.

Liability was admitted by the Defendant.

Injuries: C sustained a fracture dislocation to the left foot.

Total injury duration: Ongoing.

Effects: After the accident C underwent a manipulation under anaesthetic, and the foot was put into a cast followed by a boot. C returned to work in a different role to accommodate his injury and returned to his usual duties two months later. He continued to have symptoms which spread to his back, hip, buttocks and knee. The medical evidence opined that the C may need a fusion in due course.

Out of Court Settlement: £110,000 total damages.

The case was settled on a global basis with no particular breakdown of damages.

Richard Lowery instructed by Express Solicitors Limited for the claimant.

This quantum report was provided courtesy of Annie Bates of Express Solicitors Limited, solicitors for the claimant.

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