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Case Report: Brown v Mosa - Mary Kay & Sarah Wright, Spencers Solicitors

07/07/17. Accident date: 29 August 2014. Settlement date: 20 December 2016. Gross settlement: £265,717.17.

The Claim

The Claimant, Mr Brown, a 39 year old HGV driver was driving his works lorry along the A20 in Hythe.

As he came over the brow of a hill he was faced with a oncoming vehicle on the wrong side of the road. The Claimant braked and swerved but a collision was unavoidable and there was head on impact at high speed.

The Defendant’s vehicle had a roof box which on impact came crashing through the windscreen of the Claimant’s lorry.

The Defendant had driven away from the Eurotunnel and according to witnesses had been driving on the wrong side of the road for approximately 1 mile prior to the collision despite warnings.

The Defendant’s 7 year old son was killed instantly and his 2 other children sustained severe injuries. The Defendant’s wife was also seriously injured...

Image: public domain

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