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First steps to coping with infant birth injuries in Pennsylvania

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Learning that your newborn child has suffered an injury through childbirth is an experience which nothing can prepare you for. For anyone who discovers the injury was the result of medical negligence, it will be a harrowing experience like nothing else imaginable.


While there is no cure for the shock or grief you will encounter, there are certain things you should try to do as soon as possible.


Identifying a problem


Many birth injuries are not immediately noticeable. It can be days, weeks, or in some cases even years before a birthing injury is discovered. As a new parent, it can be an uncertain and challenging time with the arrival of a baby, even if it’s not your first. While some people are fortunate to be surrounded by supporting friends and family who can offer advice, If you’re ever worried about the emergence of possible symptoms, seeking a professional medical opinion is the only viable direction to proceed.


There are numerous tests and observations which can be carried out and if found early enough, many medical problems can be remedied through methods such as physiotherapy.


Understanding the cause of the problem


Of the problems which can arise, most are naturally occurring and due to nothing other than misfortune. If you do have genuine cause to suspect an injury to your child is the result of an accident, you will need to act quickly to secure an independent opinion.


There are two main routes to achieving this, either directly through an independent pediatrician, or by consulting with a specialized medical lawyer who can then supply you with an experienced medical expert among other things. Not only will you need to establish the extent and seriousness of any medical problems, you will also need to investigate the reason how and why this injury has occurred.


Building a strong foundation


By acting fast you will ensure your child receives any appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. You also allow yourself the best possible chance of discovering the root cause of any ailments.


Confirming facts at this early stage is vital to seeing the full picture of the events which have recently taken place. If you have a legal case, the two most important factors are to establish who the responsible party to the accident is, and the order of events which caused any resulting injury.


For this reason, if you decide to hire legal representation, it’s imperative that your lawyer is a specialist within the field of birth injuries. While there are many options to consider when selecting a birth injury law firm Philadelphia has available, it’s important you choose a local firm who are already acquainted with the nuances of dealing with a case such as your own.


How to choose an appropriate attorney


Choosing an attorney who will act on your behalf is the single biggest decision you will need to make. The obvious factor in your choice is for it to be someone who is adequately qualified and able to present your case in the strongest possible way. Money too can be an important determinant, with any up-front or excessive costs carefully considered before agreeing to a contract.


Equally important, however, is the relationship which you’re able to form with the attorney. If there are strong grounds for a case, there’s a reasonably good chance that the whole process could last several weeks or even months. Infant injury cases can often be complex and timely lawsuits meaning that you will have many meetings with your attorney over the coming future.


Further to this, an experienced and compassionate lawyer can help you personally by introducing you to any applicable local support groups or experts who can provide emotional support.


While it’s easy to get lost in the emotion of the situation and only see a criminal case for a combination of conviction and compensation, a legal process should also be seen as the beginning of a healing process. The first steps towards a brighter future.