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PI Practitioner, September 2017

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SRA warning to solicitors involved in holiday sickness claims

On 6th September 2017 the Solicitors Regulation Authority issued a warning notice to all those within its regulatory remit who act in personal injury cases, particularly holiday sickness cases. Readers of this update will no doubt be aware of the travel industry's recent campaign against the perceived upturn in fraudulent holiday claims.

The SRA has stated that holiday claims: "provide an example of our concern that some law firms fail to engage properly, or sometimes at all, with the merits of their clients' cases. This is of particular concern where there is evidence to suggest that the claim is false or dubious in some way. We are clear in our view that lawyers should not bring cases, or continue with them, where there is a serious concern about the honesty or reliability of the evidence."

The warning notice goes on to deal with...

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