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4 Types Of Injuries That Are Common In The Workplace

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Workers going about their work assignments in their workstations should be able to do so without any threat to their safety and well-being. They should have enough work tools and protective gear if their work is risky in nature. Employers who fail to provide the best working condition for their workers to do their duties are breaking the law and can even have their operating licenses revoked. To prevent this from happening, employers have gone the extra mile to secure their workspaces and make them as safe as possible. This has improved the working conditions in most offices and other than securing the wellbeing of the workers, safe working conditions motivate the workers to give their all. This, however, doesn’t mean that accidents don’t occur at work. Accidents still happen and the workers end up injured. This piece highlights some of the accidents that are common at work and how to avoid them.

1. Slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall injuries are very common at work and they cause injury and a lot of harm to the victims. Slip and fall injuries are caused by many things with torn carpets, poorly arranged furniture and wet floors as the biggest culprits. A lack of concentration when at work also causes slip and fall injuries and workers are advised to remain attentive as they go about their activities. Office managers can also help reduce slip and fall injuries by making sure that office furniture is arranged properly and torn carpets are replaced appropriately. Any worker who gets injured as a result of any of these factors is due compensation and immediate medical attention for them to heal properly. Click here to learn how to prove fault in a slip and injury case.

2. Muscle strains

Muscular strains are also very common at work. Clerical officers are programmers who spend most of the time seated end up with strained muscles in their backs and necks. Those who do heavy lifting are also at risk of muscular strains when they pick more than they can carry. To avoid such injuries, workers are advised to take breaks from their desks and do some stretching. Those who do heavy lifting should also avoid picking more than they can carry and take regular breaks so as to allow their muscles to recover.

3. Head injuries

Head injuries also happen at work and they can be quite fatal. Head injuries can be caused by falling objects such as files or bricks on a construction site. Car accidents also cause head injuries and drivers and delivery guys carry the biggest risk. To avoid such injuries, workers should wear protective gear such as helmets when they are working on a construction site or in any other area where things are likely to fall and injure those who are working. Office managers should also arrange items properly in the office so as to prevent them from falling on the workers.

4. Respiratory challenges

Individuals working in industries or those who handle toxic chemicals may develop respiratory challenges as a result of exposure to the chemicals. Respiratory infections and ailments are quite fatal and the workers together with their employers should take the necessary steps to ensure that the workers are not exposed to the harmful chemicals. Workers should be provided with gas masks and other protective gear that will keep them safe from the harmful chemicals.


Workstations have to be safe so as to provide the workers with a conducive environment to go about their activities. The employers are liable for the injuries suffered by the workers on company time and this makes keeping workstations safe very important.