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Recent Law School Changes to be Aware of

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Law school is regarded as one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a student can have. The popularity and demand on law schools have grown at a rapid pace. Furthermore, the potential big salary one can obtain through a law career makes it even more enticing. This surging demand for law school have made cutting-through the crowd and getting into quality Law institutions tougher than ever before. Here are some facts and figures one needs to be aware of before keeping their hopes heightened up.

Recent changes in the admission processes of renowned law schools

In order to get accepted to a quality law school, you must have a high GPA and a high LSAT Prep Courses. Most law schools have a set formula of determining who they accept for admission.

There is a lot of impetus that is placed on your essay submission and letter of recommendation, yet the primal factor revolves around your GPA and the LSAT marks you scored. To get into the top 25 law schools, one needs to have a 3.0 GPA at the very least to be even in consideration (3.5 GPA for top-10 law schools) and a LSAT score of at least 152 out of 180 (165 out of 180 for top-10 schools).

Nowadays, there are several renowned law schools who accept GRE scores for their admission process. Needless to mention, GRE scores are internationally approved to judge a student’s quality. It is important for students to realize that only some law schools accept GRE scores, while others don’t. One cannot solely depend on their GRE scores to gain admission into some recognized law institute.

Recent ABA rules for a law school applicant states that one can be admitted without LSAT scores but they must have a GRE score of 85th percentile or above, along with other criteria’s of admission.

Points to keep in mind to move past the Admission barrier

The admissions process is the centre of it all. The key phrase to remember when applying to law school is "rolling admissions." Many will even claim they know all about it, yet, very few ever act on it.

Rolling admissions is one of the crucial and often neglected aspects of the admission process, and by taking advantage of it you can easily take charge of and put yourself ahead of the crowd. How do you take advantage of it? Simple: apply as early as possible. If you do that, you will significantly increase your chances of getting into institutes like Harvard Law School.

You may retaliate that applying early has nothing to do with your GPA or LSAT score and indeed you’re correct. But as institutes do not have the entire applicant pool before them early on during the admission phase their standards are much more flexible, and they might admit students who, if they had applied later, they might not have otherwise admitted.

However, irrespective of the above point, one needs to take care of their bar exam and prepare harder in order to secure their future in every aspect.