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Things you need to know about a cell phone ticket

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Maintaining traffic rules is essential! Penalties and punishments for rash driving or accidents due to careless driving are very common. Instances of people driving recklessly have been increasing by the day. But if you till date haven’t received a ticket for texting or talking on your mobile phone while driving, chances are you aren’t aware of this concept. Today, the law can levy a specific penalty, fine or punishment on you if they find you driving carelessly. And if it because of texting or talking on your Smartphone, you will qualify for a cell phone ticket. Recently, there have been repeated instances of this.

You can’t outsmart the law

One of the biggest reasons for accidents and mishaps today is a distraction. Using a mobile phone while driving is a distraction! It takes away your attention from the road, the traffic rules and also the road conditions, like bumpers and rough streets, often leading to rash driving and accidents. However, there are drivers today, who think that they can outwit the law by implementing tricks to talk on their Smartphone. But the legal system has grown increasingly strict and doesn’t discount anyone found guilty.

However, if you find yourself caught up in one such cell phone ticket case, then you need opt-in for a professional lawyer who can manage the situation professionally. For this, you can search online and reach out to a DWI Lawyer Suffolk County and explain your situation at hand. These lawyers would delve through the matter and come up with an apt strategy to present and fight your case in court.

Things that can get you a cell phone ticket

You need to abide by the traffic rules to avert all kinds of punishments for breaking traffic rules! Similarly, if you want to steer clear from a mobile phone ticket, it is essential to know of the actions that might cause you to get one. Some of the activities are as follows:

  • Talking on your mobile phone constantly
  • Taking, sharing or viewing your mobile images
  • Browsing the internet, composing and sending a mail, reading an email and the like
  • Playing mobile or online games while driving
  • Engaged in retrieving electronic data, for instance, web pages, and multi-media text messages

However, there can be situations when using a mobile phone while driving can get discounted. For instance, if you are dialing 911 for an emergency such as extinguishing a sudden fire breakout, contacting medical care or a police staff for any other emergency. Barring these or any different emergency, if you are found guilty of using your Smartphone while driving, you can expect to get a traffic ticket. It might result in you in paying a surcharge or fine.

Punishments or penalties for talking on the mobile phone while driving depends on the severity of the harm caused. The penalties for breaking traffic rules and causing an accident are separate. Hence, it is essential that you are aware of the pros and cons first, to stay away from any legal repercussions. Also, if you receive a cell phone ticket, you need to depend on an ace lawyer to manage your legal case effectively.