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Does a TBI call for a personal injury lawsuit?

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are not as uncommon as we might believe them to be. More than 1 million people in the US suffer from TBI due to accidents per year. Most of these victims receive treatment in the ER and go home, but over 250,000 go through hospitalization, 125,000 of them sustain permanent disabilities and about 50,000 of the TBIs result in a fatality. According to the reports from the CDC, more than 3.2 billion TBI victims sustain permanent disability.

What is the cost of a TBI?

Treatment of TBIs is costly, and the repercussions of severe brain injuries affect the quality of life and the daily work of the victim. Apart from the physical pain, the victims have to deal with lifelong trauma and loss of wages. The costs can be formidable for even the most affluent families in the US. Many victims require additional rehabilitation that can cost up to $1000 per day.

TBIs are a result of a powerful impact on the head that can affect the physiology of the brain and influence brain function either temporarily or permanently. The injuries can be mild, moderate or severe. Irrespective of the extent of the injuries, the effect of TBI can change the way a person thinks, behaves and functions.

What compensations can TBI victims expect in large cities like Chicago, Illinois?

In Chicago, it is not mandatory for the liable party to pay damages unless the victim or his/her family decides to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Having a personal injury lawyer can help the victim sue the responsible party is often necessary to get compensation for lost wages, physical pain, mental trauma, and medical expenses. In Chicago Willens personal injury lawyers are among the many plaintiffs injury law firms that can help you file a personal injury lawsuit. When selecting a law firm to handle your case it’s always important to investigate the experience of the attorney who will he handling your case.

Can health insurance help with the treatment cost of a TBI?

Having a health insurance policy might be of help, depending on the coverage the company provides. But in some cases, getting full reimbursement of the medical expenses from the medical insurance provider can be challenging. Hence, working with a personal injury attorney with plenty of experience in the field of traumatic brain injury at the workplace or due to an accidents on the road can be of help. With their training and expertise, they can speed up process and get you proper compensation for your damages.

Is it smart to settle with the insurance company?

Immediately after a traumatic experience, victims and their family members may find it difficult to make a decision. However, you must always remember to reject any quick settlement offer. Insurance companies may take the opportunity of the financial crunch and the primary helplessness of the victims to make them the first offer. Settling your claim quickly might not be in your best interest however. When you settle your injury claim with your health insurance company, you waive all future rights to additional compensation and legal actions. So if you are not fully healed for example of there is a question about the long term ramifications of your TBI settling early is not prudent. Always speak with your Chicago personal injury attorney before you make such an important decision.

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