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Tips to Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

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Family cases can be very engaging, sometimes that it involves the parents, children, and the spouses themselves. To handle such complicated and involving cases successfully, you need a family attorney who has the right set of skills and experience in the field.

Stephen Durbin and Associates (SD&A) in Toronto have one of the best family lawyers that can handle family cases quickly without hiking your court fees. They try their best to see you out of the court with the victory that you needed. Generally, family lawyers handle cases like:

  • Marriage dissolution
  • Protection against any domestic violence
  • Guardianship
  • Name changes
  • Termination of any parental rights and adoptions
  • Approval and emancipation of any underage marriages
  • Paternity and child custody
  • Juvenile matters

Going through such cases like divorce and domestic violence requires specific skills and qualities. When looking for a divorce lawyer in Toronto, consider as your partner until you get justice.

Tips for Getting that Divorce Lawyer

If you are outside Toronto and its environs, then your task of getting the right lawyer becomes more complicated because you have to do a thorough research before getting the right one. Nevertheless, the following tips can help you out:

  1. Consider the divorce process to use

Well, this will help you to be more specific to the kind of lawyer you are looking for. There are various divorce processes like collaborative, mediation, and litigation among others. Whichever process you choose, look for a specific lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in the type of divorce process.

  1. Think of which legal services you need

If you are young couples who have no kids, no real estates, no vehicles, no companies or other assets, avoid going to those large attorney firms. However, if you have a lot of assets and children, you need an established firm with experienced family lawyers for division of assets and spousal support.

  1. Play within your budget

Don’t bite bigger than your mouth can handle. Court cases can be very expensive, especially if you have a corrupt lawyer who want to suck out your money. Don’t go for those high-powered divorce attorneys if your paycheck is low and you lack assets. Be penny wise!

  1. Get referrals

Of course, there are others who have trended the same path you are embarking; divorce. Getting a word of mouth from such people will help you get the lawyer they used and were satisfied. However, ensure you have similar situations before adapting their lawyer.

  1. Do some research of experienced and high rated family attorneys

The internet is there to help you do a detailed research of the experienced attorney that you want to help you through. However, don’t rely so much on the reviews do the consultation in person.

  1. Have some questions for the 2 or 3 attorneys you are interviewing

After you have done your research and you have the some 2 to 3 family attorneys you feel comfortable with, it's time to interview them. Have a ready list of the important questions to ask them and take some notes as well to remember what they said.


Your conscience will always scream to you when you are before a wrong lawyer. Don’t ignore it, don’t rely so much on the logic and rational. In case, you notice you got the wrong lawyer in the midway of your divorce, don’t hesitate to get a new family lawyer who will make you happy and help you cut the costs.

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