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The Duties of a Family Law Attorney

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By definition, a family law attorney will look after and deal with all of the legal issues that are related to any of the family’s members. For example, they will have to assist you with child custody, guardianship, divorce, and so on. 

Usually, these attorneys work as mediators within the family, especially when there are disagreements between the family members. In the USA a family law attorney should be the one to resolve disputes before the family members attack each other in court. 


Following Instructions

Even though a lawyer knows the practices better than you, they still have to listen to the family’s voice. They also have to give you advice, take instructions in terms of what to do concerning your legal problems and then responsibly carry out those instructions.

Obviously, you do have to be honest with your lawyer and present them with your problems as they are. Keep in mind that the advice they give you depends on the information you provide them with.


Maintain Confidentiality

In short, your lawyer cannot discuss your problems with anyone else but you. They are not allowed to share the information or the details you tell them with the court or the police unless you give them your permission.

However, keep in mind that they can break this rule if, for example, there’s a certain law that requires them to do so, they will prevent a criminal offense from occurring, if the safety of a person is at risk.


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Naturally, a family law attorney cannot work for you if they have acted for the other people (or person) involved in the past in your issues and has certain confidential information that might negatively affect one’s interests.

On top of that, they cannot work for certain people at the same time, especially when they cannot act in the best interests of both parties.

In short, your interests should not clash with the ones of the lawyer. The latter should be rather impartial or refuse to work for you at all.


Efficient and Prompt Communication

One of the most important duties of a family law attorney is to carefully and efficiently communicate with you and your family. When you have a problem that has to be solved, the attorney must provide you with regular updates about the progress of that particular problem. 


Skill and Diligence

Obviously, the attorney who you hire must have expertise in the area of your case and problems. Remember that you can always ask the attorney questions regarding their experience, skill, time of practice, and so on.

It is also recommended that you ask them how many cases similar to yours they have handled before, as well as how many of those had successful results.


The Bottom Line

It is extremely important that you check a family law attorney before you hire them. After all, your case and family problems ultimately depend on the attorney’s skills and experience. You have all the rights to question them and make sure that they will represent your family properly.