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How to Tell if You’ve Found a Good Car Accident Lawyer

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After being involved in an automobile accident, you’ll want to find an experienced Austin TX car accident attorney. With the variety of options out there, finding the right lawyer can be a bit overwhelming. After talking to friends, reading reviews online, and making a few phone calls, you might narrow it down a couple of options. From here, you can typically set up a free consultation to go over the details of your case. Many people feel that they have to sell their situation to be accepted by the law firm. While this is partially true, you also have to determine if this attorney is the best person to manage your case and protect your interests.

Knowing if someone is a good fit is a personal decision you have to make. Here are some things to consider while evaluating potential car accident attorneys.

Trial Experience

While it is true that the majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court, there are instances when the case goes before a judge. Many attorneys who advertise handling auto accidents have never stepped foot inside of a courtroom. Since insurance companies are aggressive, they’ll push to get their way. If they know your lawyer is inexperienced or scared to take a case to court, they take advantage of that fact. They might make low offers or put in no effort to actually settle your case. By having an attorney who isn’t afraid to go before a jury, the other party’s insurance company is more likely to take your case seriously.

Talk to past clients

Most professional attorneys have no problem letting you to their previous clients. Search in online communities like Facebook groups or Reddit to find those who have worked with this particular lawyer. Ask questions about their experiences. You can also ask the attorney if there is a list of previous clients you can contact. Some lawyers do not have a program like this because they don’t want you to know the truth. At the same time, lawyers cannot merely hand out other client’s information without permission, so not having a referral program isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Do the research on your own.

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Evaluate the entire firm

While many attorneys are solo practitioners, few work completely alone. Whether they have other attorneys in their firm or rely on the help of paralegals and assistants, make sure to evaluate the company as a whole. As questions about what role different people play. Will the attorney handle your case directly, or will an intern do all of the legwork before the lawyer signs off? Does the firm have the resources to handle your situation adequately?

While there may not be universal right or wrong answers, you want to make sure you are comfortable working with your attorney. If you don’t trust this person, it will be nearly impossible to have a successful working relationship. Consider what you need from an attorney before going into your consultation. Ask questions that will help provide a clear picture if this is the right person for you. Just as the attorney will evaluate the merits of your case, you should assess if this lawyer will get the job done for you.

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