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What is “Consortium”?

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A consortium usually refers to the group of two or more individuals, companies, or governments which work together to attain a common goal, and the individuals involved in the consortium pool resources, otherwise, they are just responsible for the obligations set out in the consortium’s agreement.

But in USA legal words, Loss of consortium is the term used by the law of torts that refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to the injuries caused by a tortfeasor. The consortium here has a different meaning and it is the right of association and relationship between two married people when a spouse or domestic partner of a personal injury victim makes a claim of damages due to another party’s negligence. Injuries sustained by the victim which has a major effect on the relationship between two people. Some of these ramifications include martial strains, loss of companionship, sexual constraints, inability to bear a child or unable to do normal activities together, etc.

Spouse or partner can only seek loss of consortium when their spouse who has been a victim of a personal injury case wins their claims or lawsuit. If the injured victim is not successful in winning the claims, the other partner can never apply for the damages of loss of consortium. Loss of consortium case is not an easy case and it requires lots of understanding and proof to submit it in court. The plaintiff should have the following things ready to successfully apply for a claim.

      Valid or legal marriage or domestic relationship

      Victim suffered a serious injury due to another party

      Partner of victim suffered loss of consortium

There should be enough proof including the above for a spouse to successfully claim the loss of consortium damages. You will need a highly experienced lawyer to claim the damages.

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