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Doctor! Doctor! Can I Have a Second Opinion? - Ruwena Khan, Zenith Chambers

12/08/14. At a time when the law of medical negligence is under particular scrutiny with the second reading of the Medical Innovation Bill (the ‘Saatchi Bill’) having taken place on 27th June 2014 and the government requiring significant amendments to be made to ensure that doctors are not at risk of additional liabilities and patients are not put at risk, research findings from Plymouth University published on 21st July 2014i are particularly shocking in revealing the significant rise of complaints to the General Medical Council (‘GMC’).

Handling fitness to practise complaints is one of the core functions of the GMC, as it works to regulate the medical profession and to protect the public by ensuring that only those doctors who meet the standards set out in Good Medical Practice are allowed to work in the UK. However, complaints about doctors’ fitness to practice rose from 5,168 in 2007 to 10,347 in 2012, an increase of 100 percent within just 5 years.

Is the medical profession really getting so clumsy?

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