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Treat the Man Not the Scan - Angelina M Rigby, Geldards

20/01/17. The case of Dr Sido John v Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2016] EWHC 407 marks an important development in the law.

The Claimant was a General Practitioner who developed an intra-cranial infection at the age of 16 that required a left-sided craniotomy. He was left with mid, right-sided hemiparesis which required him to use his left hand (he had been right-handed) and caused him certain mobility difficulties. Nevertheless, he became a successful General Practitioner. 

On 23rd December, 2007, he lost his footing when climbing the stairs to his flat and fell backwards. Two hours later, he was found by his neighbour (another Doctor) covered in vomit. An ambulance was called and the Claimant was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) where he was admitted, triaged and a management plan was formulated which included CT scanning of the Claimant’s brain. The Claimant’s CT scan was then cancelled despite...

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