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Quantum Report: Walker V Fensome (2016) - Annie Bates, Express Solicitors

23/01/17. The claimant, a 55 year old man, received £51,000 for a shoulder injury sustained in a road traffic accident in December 2012. His injuries improved however, he was left with an increased risk of re-rupture which rendered him at a disadvantage on the open labour market.

Total Damages: £51,000 Trail/Settlement date: 26th July 2016

Type of Award: Out of Court Court: Out of Court

Age at trial: 55 Age at injury: 51

Sex: Male

Road Traffic: On 29th December 2012, the claimant (C) was on a bus when the defendant (D) failed to stop at a junction causing the bus to hit the side of their vehicle launching C forward.

Liability admitted.

Injuries: C sustained bruising to the knee, whiplash, spinal strain and a capsule-ligamentous shoulder strain.

Total Injury duration: Permanent.

Effects: C underwent physiotherapy …….

C suffered persistent discomfort and subsequent sleep disruption, his shoulder movements remain restricted. C was given a different role at work with less strenuous duties, which his employer was able to accommodate at no financial loss to C, however, C is now at a disadvantage on the open labour market should he ever be required to move jobs due to the risk of re-rupture to his shoulder.

Out of Court Settlement: £51,000 total damages.

The case was settled on a global basis with no particular breakdown of damages, however, a contribution was obtained for damages regarding C’s potential disadvantage on the open labour market.

Catherine Lansley instructed by Express Solicitors Limited for the claimant.

This quantum report was provided courtesy of Annie Bates of Express Solicitors Limited, solicitors for the claimant.

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