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Nice Try - Colin Vickers, DWF LLP

03/03/17. Two claimants who made personal injury claims after a low speed road traffic collision near the Houses of Parliament had their claims dismissed and were found to be fundamentally dishonest. The defendants relied heavily on Sky Sports footage showing both claimants being coached by former international rugby union players Will Greenwood and Scott Quinnell, and playing rugby, at a time when they both claimed to be injured.

DWF Senior Solicitor, Colin Vickers, who defended the civil claims brought against White Van Gentleman and their insurers Markerstudy and led the investigation, looks at the background to the claims and some of the intelligence that was gathered, leading the Court to conclude that the claims were fundamentally dishonest, so that the Claimants lost their protection under the QOCS regime.


The Claimants were two of 25 passengers on a coach that was travelling from Wembley Stadium to Cardiff on 9 March 2015. The coach was proceeding along the carriageway near the Houses of Parliament when, owing to a momentary lapse of concentration by their employee, a Transit van belonging to ‘White Van Gentleman'’ rolled into the rear of the coach.

Within six weeks of the incident occurring, six CNFs had been received from passengers on the coach claiming for personal injury and various financial losses, all of whom were represented by the same solicitors in Macclesfield, even though the Claimants were all from South Wales. The Claimants were all males in their 20s or 30s. Proceedings were issued by Steven Blake and Caine Herbert, both of whom served medical evidence in support of their claims for personal injury, comprising soft tissue injuries to the neck, or whiplash. The expert was the same for both Claimants.

White Van Gentleman's employee accepted that he had breached his duty of care in allowing the vehicles to come together, but his evidence was that the contact was so trivial that it could not have caused injury...

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