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5 Tips for Lawyers Looking to Supercharge their Online Presence


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While trust matters for any type of business owner, lawyers in particular are expected to do everything in their power to signal trust to their clients.

However, doing so can be easier said than done in the modern era of online marketing. After all, we don't have total control over everything that's said about us; likewise, there are so many avenues for clients to find lawyers, how can we possible expected to cover them all?

Improving your practice's online presence doesn't have to represent a massive headache or juggling act. Instead, keep the following tips in your back pocket to improve your online presence and encourage more potential business.

Focus on the Places That Matter Most

Although there are tons of ratings and reviews out there for business, lawyers should focus on niche review sites such as Avvo as opposed to obsessing over general sites like Yelp. Raising your Avvo score is an absolute must, especially if your profile pops up first in search engine results before your practice's website.

The more active you are on Avvo and the more time you take to fill out your profile, you easier it is to show your experience off to potential clients.

Show Off Your Past Experience

Your clients aren't necessarily hiring you: they're ultimately hiring the positive results that you're promising to provide. If you want to seal the deal with skeptics, you're going to need to show them that you have what it takes to provide real people with proper representation. Whether you pull testimonials from review sites or curate comments from former clients, showing off your satisfied clients on your website is a prime way to display to expertise.

...And Your Personality

Don't let yourself just be another face in the crowd. Giving your site a sense of personality, through your on-site content or “About Me” page is crucial: while lawyers don't have much room for humor, you can tell your personal story and provide a powerful mission statement that sets you apart from your competition.

Freshen Up Your Site

Your potential clients will make judgments about you and your practice at a glance if they end up on your website, so ask yourself: what sort of message is your site sending? If your site looks like it's stuck in 1999, chances are you're driving away potential business.

From drag-and-drop site builders with strong SEO to powerful platforms such as WordPress, make sure that your site boasts a sleek, modern design to give off a strong first impression to visitors.

Strengthen Your Social Media

Although most lawyers don't have much time for social media, the fact remains that you can both boost your practice's brand and reach potential clients via the social network. Conducting Q&A's on Facebook and Twitter or sharing helpful legal content for your clients may seem like little more than fluff; however, doing so proves that you're a resource for clients rather than simply another lawyer.

Managing your online presence means that potential clients know who you are, what you've done and what you can do for them. These tips can not only make sure that you edge out your competition, but also create repeat clients that refer you to their friends and family.