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Top 10 Tips When Making a Personal Injury Accident Claim

Top 10 Tips When Making a Personal Injury Accident Claim

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There are some things that can be done to ensure a personal injury claim is successful whether handling a minor injury alone or using a personal injury lawyer. These tips will help to guide the injury victim through a process they may not be familiar with or know about.

Common Sense Tips

1. After an accident seeks medical treatment: If the treatment is at the hospital emergency room follow-up with a personal physician. Make certain not to miss any appointments and depending on the injuries physical therapy, MRIs, CT Scans and other treatment or tests may be necessary.

2. Photos: If possible take pictures of the accident scene. Today most people carry a cell phone that has the ability to take photos. While it is important to write down all the facts about the accident as soon as possible before details can be forgotten or left out pictures of the scene can help verify the written documentation.

3: Keep a written diary: About the injuries and the healing process, activities that are limited or the inability to work. Document pain and emotional suffering.

4. Claims: Make certain to file a claim with the negligent or liable party's insurance company in a timely manner. Injury claims have a statute of limitations or time limit to file the claim and if the claim is not filed within this amount of time it may be impossible to recover compensation for the harm suffered. If the harm is severe a personal injury lawyer should be consulted.

5. Compensation: When filing a claim without the assistance of an attorney double check the amount being claimed, since there may be more than medical expenses. Loss of work as a result should be added and future medical treatment.

6. Filing the Claim: Make certain the claim is filed against the person or entity that is liable for the injuries. In some cases, this may include more than one person and if more than one person can be held liable it can be important to be represented by a personal injury attorney.

7. Insurance Companies: Remember the insurance company of the negligent party, whether the harm happened in a car collision, slip and fall, dog bite attack or medical malpractice the insurance company agent or adjuster is not a friend. Never agree to a recorded statement or admit any fault. Let the medical records, police report and other evidence prove the claim. Insurance companies use tactics to lower or deny claims beginning with asking questions, asking for a recorded statement or requesting medical records. The medical records the insurance company might ask for is more than just involving the injuries in the claim. This should be refused since they will review these records looking for prior injuries to blame the current severity of the harm.

8. Request a copy of the police report: Get the report from the incident, this is documentation that can be used in proving the personal injury claim is valid.

9. Social Media: Do not discuss the claim on social media or with anyone other than family and friends since it could be used to dismiss the claim or lower the compensation recovery.

10. Negotiating: When the insurer makes an offer to settle the claim if the amount is lower than the incurred and future expenses the amount can be negotiated the victim does not need to accept the first offer.