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No-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) Law of Florida - Important Moderation takes place

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There are significant modifications made in the relevant personal injury protection law, also known as PIP. Still, you need to carry coverage, although new changes to this law limit the chances to obtain and seek medical care just after an accident.

What are moderated time limit to seek coverage?

The previous law carries no deadline to request treatment in case of an accident, but with the new law, there is the severe time limit of just 14 days for treatment. In case you do not visit the doctor during provided time, so you will lose the eligibility to use PIP coverage for your necessary and relevant medical treatment. Therefore, it is crucial to see your doctor and law firm instantly if you get injured.

What are the modified treatment and coverage options?

You are allowed up to $2,500 reduced benefit, although you will need to carry and pay insurance premiums of around $10,000 for PIP coverage. However, the new law involves a determination of an emergency medical condition, in this way you can access your full $10,000 benefits. Also, another restriction means, which allows making that decision it is also possible that you discriminate against your doctor. The new law amazingly does not require your insurance company to pay for acupuncture and massage therapy. Therefore the new law is being challenged, and we will provide the latest update with the time.

What is the best way to handle in case the insurance company ends your payment at $2,500?

The best way to handle is to avoid this situation by consulting your doctor and our office. In case your insurance company ignores or denying for further PIP coverage, then consult with us, we may take legal action and guide you better. We are here to help you get medical treatment which significantly covered by insurance in this way your injuries instantly addressed.

What is the Impact on Insurance Premiums?

According to state statement of the legislature, the immediate goal of reduction of benefit is to attack fraud and decrease cost. As there is not any requirement present in the new law to reduce costs because it was the primary excuse for the moderate law, according to an insurance company or in favor of insurance companies. Before insurance companies were requested to consider reduction of just 10% premium in the late 2012 but mostly did not comply with this. Therefore, it is important to watch out when you are shopping as we can see the rise in insurance rates since the law affected, though this law can help you reduce your coverage benefits up to 75%. Be careful the fraud, excuse; costs are on the significant rise these days.

What can you do for this?

You can visit The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation's website to get complete information or any complaint. You can only file your complaint online. Also, you can raise your voice for all your concerns to the elected representative of Florida Legislature.