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The Rising Rate of Road Fatalities in Kansas City

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After a year-on-year decline in the number of traffic fatalities across the States since the turn of this century, Kansas City is experiencing a sad reversal of this trend.

With the latest data showing that the total number of national crashes has increased, could things be about to get worse on American roads and is Kansas City a microcosm of what America’s future has in store?


America’s relatively safer roads


In the period between the year 2000 and 2013, the number of deadly car accidents across the whole of the country steadily declined. At the end of this thirteen-year timeframe, the total number of yearly casualties had fallen by around 31%.


According to research released by the World Health Organization, this improvement still places America behind other wealthy nations in terms of traffic safety. From the 20 richest countries, America showed the largest number of deaths resulting from crashes by both population and the number of registered cars. This is also compounded by the 31% decrease in fatalities from the start of this century being the lowest reduction amongst the countries studied in this same period.


Kansas City reversing the trend


Like the majority of States in America, the main cause of road fatalities in Kansas is the failure of a vehicle to stay in the correct lane of traffic, with failure to yield to vehicles with the right of way coming a close second. Unlike the rest of the country, Missouri has been suffering an increase in road-related deaths for a number of years now.


The latest information from a two-year period shows Missouri to have witnessed a dramatic 15% increase in fatal road accidents.


Within Kansas City, there were over 30 people killed within the first four months of this year, a figure almost double that of previous years. In another strange twist, the number of Highway fatalities remains at a similar level, with minor roads bearing the brunt of the increases.


Legal cases and causes within Kansas City


For the personal injury and specialist accident lawyers situated with Missouri, there has been a noted increase in the percentage of accidents caused by distracted drivers. While much of the country has a law in place to ban texting and the use of mobile phones for all drivers, Missouri is one of only three which doesn’t enforce this.


With around half of the victims of Kansas City road fatalities being either cyclists or pedestrians, the dangers faced by everyone have become a stark reality. It’s also worth noting that as these incidents can affect anyone at almost any time, there are many attorneys within the area who specialize in this field of law. Of the many accident lawyers Kansas City boasts, however, only some of them are suitable to hire for lawsuits involving car accidents.


The country's latest figures


The most recent data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows a sharp spike in the nation's death rate in MVA’s. An increase in almost 8% marks the first time in 50 years that the number of deaths on American roads has not been reduced. Furthermore, it’s been marked with a huge rise.


An influx in the number of fatal crashes has led to calls far and wide for research to be undertaken into the reasons why this rise is happening and ways in which it can be curbed.


With education programs enforcing messages of safe practices along with modern advancements in vehicle safety technology, the rate of road fatalities has drastically dropped in the previous fifty years. To see this decline even further, the race is now on to find the next step to making American roads safer still.