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No Win No Fee agreements and other matters in making a Personal Injury Claim for compensation

No one wants to be in the position of taking a Personal Injury Claim for compensation for an injury caused by the negligence of a third party or third parties. Unfortunately, money as your compensation is rarely an adequate balance for the pain and suffering caused by an injury.

You have in Ireland two years (Statute of Limitation) in which to make a claim, except if you are a minor (less than eighteen years of age). But it is always better to do it as soon as you possibly can as memories are fresher, witnesses are more available etc.

The first thing to be decided is your choice of a Personal Injury Solicitor. Some of us have a family solicitor who has done our wills or the conveyancing for the family home; but how are they for personal injury claims? What you need is a solicitor who specialises in Personal injury claims for compensation for your injury. This is especially important where there is a risk of the claim being contested. In choosing such a Personal Injury Solicitor they must have firstly a good track record of success in winning compensation for their clients. Secondly, they must be likeable and a good communicator. Never chose someone you do not like or trust or who is a poor communicator as you may live to regret your choice. Certainly, you will need to run a mile from a Personal Injury Solicitor who in any way tries to pressurise you to go with them.

After you have made your choice ask them about a No Win No Fee agreement. Sometimes the agreement is known as No Win No Foal or as a Contingency agreement. A No Win No Fee agreement is made with a solicitor who agrees to only charge you for work on the condition that you win your case for compensation from your Personal injury. If you unfortunately lose your case for compensation then they agree to charge you nothing.

Many people hesitate about going for a Personal Injury claim for compensation by the thought that a Personal Injury solicitor will be asking for fees on account and throughout the claims process. A No Win No Fee agreement will then take out the stress out of a decision on proceeding with your personal injury claim. Of course, no personal injury solicitor will take on a weak personal injury claim with the chance losing as if they do and they lose then the firm will have to stand the costs of the claim. Be aware that in the case of you losing your personal injury solicitor should offer you, alongside the No Win No Fee agreement, an insurance contract to cover the legal costs of the Insurance Company from the other side.

A No Win No Fee agreement tells you that your personal injury solicitor has faith in your personal injury claim for compensation for your injury and that in order to get paid that they will do what is necessary to win.

The process, from start to finish, may take at least one year and sometimes more than that. You have to remain calm and patient and trust in your No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor to get you the compensation that you deserve.