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The Most Common Work Related Injuries in California

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The State of California recognizes that the workers have the right to the compensation if an injury or illness afflicts them while they are at work. What’s more, California is one of the ‘no fault’ states, meaning that it is not important how the injury occurred, that is, whether the worker himself is responsible for the injury or not.

This simplifies the whole compensation process, as the worker doesn’t have to prove that he was not at fault when the accident happened, and the employers rarely dispute the workers’ right to a compensation. But what are the injuries which happen most frequently to workers in California?

Lower Back Injuries

Unsurprisingly, the most common injury is the lower back injury. In fact, it accounts for over 20% of all work-related injuries. It can affect a whole range of workers. The profession most commonly associated with the lower back problem is manual laborers. After all, they often have to do heavy lifting, so it is not hard to imagine how an injury like this could occur.

However, this is only accounting for the acute injuries. There are the so-called cumulative injuries, which come as a result of prolonged exposure to the adverse effects on the job. For instance, too much sitting can cause lower back pains and similar problems. Therefore, a number of professions can be included in this statistics. Office workers who sit at their desks all day, long distance truck drivers who, despite comfortable ergonomic seats, still have to spend hours upon hours sitting in the same position.

Injuries to the Fingers

Once again, manual laborers are at risk from finger injuries the most. Various sharp and powerful tools can injure or even sever a finger in an instant. All it takes is a moment of carelessness or a random accident to seriously affect a person’s life.

Finger related injuries account for almost 20% of all work injuries in California, just slightly lagging behind lower back injuries.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can affect pretty much anyone. Just like most other joint injuries, they are more common with manual laborers who do heavy lifting or spend a lot of their time on their knees, like cleaners, tilers or roofers. However, these injuries can just as easily come from the simple fall down the stairs or any number of scenarios which can happen to anyone.

One profession where knee injuries seem to really happen regularly is professional drivers. The fact that they have to keep their foot in one position for long periods of time can really cause problems with the joints, with the knee being the most critical.

Hand Injuries

As humans, we tend to perform most of our daily tasks by using our hands. It is therefore not particularly surprising that they get injured fairly often. Hand injuries tend to be acute – they happen instantly, rather than chronic (coming as a result of cumulative damage over time). You can learn a bit more about that here

People working with power tools and other dangerous machinery are the most commonly affected workers, but a surprising number of fishermen and farmers have been known to suffer from these.

Wrists are a particularly sensitive part of the hand with numerous small bones and tendons which control the fingers.

There are numerous other ways workers in California get injured at work. The important thing is that the system enables them to be fairly compensated for both lost wages and the medical bills. However, if you are denied this right, you will need a skilled representative to help you get what is rightfully yours.