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Slip & Fall Injury Law 102: Snow/Ice Street Accidents

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Slips and falls over snow or ice are very common during a snowy winter. Such accidents usually happen on streets, sidewalks or parking lots and can be due to negligence of either the victim or the property owner. It is a scary experience to get your back or leg injured on a snowy street or sidewalk. It is important to understand how liability attaches in such cases. If you think the reason of your accident or injury is purely the fault of property owner or the municipal council that did not ensure the proper plowing off of roads after heavy snowfall, your attorney must collect evidence such as photos of the locality and gather contact information of witnesses who saw you fall. After all, you will only win a lawsuit if you successfully prove negligence. With all the evidence and the complete scenario at hand your accident falls lawyer will be able to tell if you can actually file a civil personal injury complaint against the property owner. If you happened to slip on freshly fallen snow, you may not be able to recover your damages. It all depends on the laws set in such cases by every individual state. For instance, in Wisconsin, the private property owner is not responsible if a pedestrian gets injured on their sidewalk due to snow or unnatural accumulation because it can’t be proved that the owner intentionally inflicted injury upon someone who randomly walked by.

The owner of any residential property is not liable if someone falls due to natural accumulation of snow. However, if the owner is responsible for the unnatural accumulation then he /she can be held liable and you get the right to get your injury costs covered. Carelessness and negligence of the plaintiff will ensure that they do not earn any compensation for damages. During the winter months we are all responsible to look where we are walking. Consulting an accident & injury attorney legal expert is in your best interest to assess if you have a case. Slip & fall fraud has been on the rise in recent years and faking a fall on the snow has became one of the oldest tricks in the book. With that said, a proper legal expert will be able to guide you in the right direction and help you avoid wasting your time.

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