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Summary of Recent Cases, June 2018

15/06/18. Here is a summary of the recent notable court cases over the past month. You can also receive these for free by registering for our PI Brief Update newsletter. Just select "Free Newsletter" from the menu at the top of this page and fill in your email address.

Summary of Recent Cases - Substantive Law

Clay v TUI Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 1177
The Claimant appealed against an order dismissing his claim for personal injury against TUI Ltd. The Claimant and his family were staying on the second floor of a hotel in Tenerife. They occupied two adjoining rooms. The Claimant and his family became trapped on the opposite balcony when the balcony door became stuck behind them. The family attempted unsuccessfully to attract attention for thirty minutes, after which the Claimant decided to step across from one balcony to the other. In doing so he placed his weight on an ornamental ledge which gave way. The Claimant fell to the ground and sustained skull fractures. The Judge at first instance found that the door lock was defective, which was a breach of local standards. However, he concluded that the Claimant's act of...

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