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Book Review - 'Tough Choices: Stories from the front line of medical ethics' by Daniel Sokol (Book Guild, 2018)

16/10/18. “In a world in which the rights of patients and accountability of the medical profession appear to be on the rise this is a timely, fascinating and thought-provoking book covering numerous issues which might arise in the life of a medical practitioner. The author, barrister and medical ethicist Daniel Sokol, has produced a book which is both entertaining and well-written and above all reflects the need for clear thinking at often the most difficult of times. It is also refreshing to find that whether you agree or disagree with the conclusions, the author is prepared not just to set out the potential issues but also to offer an opinion as to their resolution. It is a book that I would imagine could be of interest not just to medics and lawyers but to all those who come into contact with the medical profession or have an interest in health or social policy. Highly recommended.”

Tim Kevan, Law Brief Publishing and author of ‘Law and Disorder’ (Bloomsbury Publishing)

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