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M v Morton - Andrea Ribchester-Hodgson & Sarah Wright, Spencers Solicitors

05/11/18. Accident date: 4 December 2013

Settlement date: 29 March 2017

Gross settlement: £24,500.00

The Claim

The Claimant, M, was driving her vehicle along the road when the Defendant’s vehicle pulled out of a lay-by and collided with the passenger side of the Claimant’s vehicle, pushing her into the middle of the road.


Liability was admitted by the defendant on 18 December 2013.


The Claimant suffered injuries to her right arm and shoulder, neck and back, experienced ongoing headaches, difficulty concentrating, memory loss and suffered from anxiety. The Claimant’s pre-existing knee pain was exacerbated by the accident. The Claimant also began suffering from further problems with depression.

The Claimant continued to experience ongoing physical and psychological problems and received ongoing medical treatment through the NHS; including treatment from her GP, extensive physiotherapy and referral for pain management.

The Claimant had been employed as a Teaching Assessor at the time of the accident which involved driving on average 2000 miles per month, working 50 hour weeks, carrying equipment with her and spending long periods of time on her feet when not driving. She had to give up this role due to her injuries, which were aggravated by the physicality, and took up a role in a less active, mainly desk based job.

The reduced hours, driving and physical aspects of the job helped her with the ongoing physical symptoms. As a result of the job change, the Claimant suffered a temporary loss of earnings and employment benefits.

The Claimant required care and assistance from her partner which initially included personal care and continuing included additional housework, DIY and gardening tasks.

The extent of the Claimant’s injuries were not agreed and court proceedings were issued on 8 December 2016. The matter was listed for Trial in May 2018 but settlement was reached in March 2018 when the Defendant insurers accepted the Claimant’s Part 36 offer of £24,500.00 gross. There was no specific breakdown as the offer was made on a global basis.

Solicitor for the Claimant: Andrea Ribchester-Hodgson for Spencers Solicitors
Solicitor for the Defendant: Petty Abrams for Plexus Law

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