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5 Commonly Overlooked Mistakes with Personal Injury Claims

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Any kind of injury to your body and mind can wreak havoc in your life whether it’s financially or physically. To make sure that you receive the due claim that you deserve to get in the USA for the inconvenience and pain caused to you by the accident, you must follow all the rules and procedures that will make it smooth for you to get your claim. However, there are some common mistakes that plaintiffs end up making, which makes the road to recovering the claim a difficult one to walk on. Personal injuries could be caused by car accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries etc.


Here are the five common mistakes that plaintiffs should avoid with personal injury claims.


1.Not Informing The Police

Not calling the police and filing a report is a very big and common mistake that plaintiffs make. A police complaint and report is necessary to support your claim and strengthen your case if you want to prove the negligence of the accused. You must ensure that the moment you have an accident, you call the police and file a complaint regarding the accident along with all the necessary information that is required for the report at that time. A police report is an essential piece of evidence in a personal injury claim and is an important document for personal injury attorneys as well.


2. Witness Contact Details

Testimonies of witnesses is what makes a case strong and in a lot of cases, it entirely depends on witnesses as well. In the moment of the accident, plaintiffs quite often forget to take down the contact details of witnesses for future reference. If you plan to file a case against the person who’s at fault, you need some witnesses to speak up for you and support your case with their testimonies. So make sure that at the time of the accident, after calling the police, you also speak to some witnesses and take their contact details to get in touch with them later at the time of filing the case.


3. Giving Statements Without A Lawyer Present

What statements you give to the police play a very big role in your personal injury claim cases. What you say to the police and what gets recorded in the police complaint and report can make or break your case, so it’s important that whatever statements you give to the police, you do so in the presence of a lawyer. A lot of times what you say to the police or the insurance company officials may go against you and your case, so it’s important to always discuss your case with a lawyer before speaking to any police or insurance officials. Your attorney will be able to guide you about how you should frame your sentences and what exactly should you say.


4. Signing A General Release and Other Documents

Insurance officials may get you to sign a general release document or other documents which you may not understand fully. If you end up signing a general release form, you may not be eligible for any compensation, so make sure that you do not sign any kind of document without first showing it to or in the presence of your personal injury attorney.


5. Not Seeking Medical Help

Even if your injuries seem minor and not in need of professional medical help, you should still always see a doctor in case of a personal injury and accident. This is to ensure that any injury whether it shows early or later, is recorded to be caused by the accident. This is extremely important for your health and claim reasons. You do not want the insurance company to say that your injuries were not caused by the accident because you didn’t immediately see a doctor after your accident.



It’s important that you avoid these common mistakes if you want a strong and winning case for your personal injury claims. Make sure you’re doing things right and most importantly, always consult a lawyer because they know best how to go on the right path to get your claim.