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Top Six Benefits of Choosing a Mediation Lawyer

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Divorce cases are painful, drains you emotionally and financially. However, there is a solution to make it less troublesome, affordable, and less unpredictable. Did you hear of mediation? It is a more logical and gentler approach to deal with a divorce. The outcome is less demanding, less expensive, thus helping you to move on in life. When it comes to mediation, it involves a third person who sits with the husband and wife to figure out the case details. The person is not biased and does not take sides, and works to arrive at an amicable solution, which benefits both man and wife. According to an article published on, mediation saves much time, money, bitterness, and aggravation during a divorce. To help you understand better, here are the top three benefits of mediation in the USA:

1. Less Expensive

Did you know that mediation is 40 percent to 60 percent less expensive than a normal divorce case? The person acting as a mediator is not a high-priced attorney, but of course, a professional lawyer appointed by the court of law. The cost depends on certain aspects like child visitation time, dividing the assets between the two parties, and other concerns associated with a divorce. Hiring high-priced attorneys may rip you off financially and make you bankrupt. If you want a divorce and a simplified process without spending too much, look for mediation lawyers in Suffolk County. You will not become broke or need to sell your assets to win the case. Many times, people prefer to stay married despite ugly quarrels because they do not have the money to appoint an attorney. In such scenarios, mediation is the best solution.

2. Less Demanding

As far as mediation is concerned, it is less demanding and stressful compared to usual divorce proceedings. The idea is to discuss the problems in a friendly manner without fighting, a process that is mutually beneficial to both the husband and wife. A mediator’s responsibility is not only to help the parties come to an amicable settlement but also ease anxiety, stress, and eliminate ugly verbal exchanges between the two parties. No stress means less strain on the families of both the parties. The kids stay happy without witnessing a scene of fights between their parents. Mediation eliminates negativity and does not affect your professional life.

3. Quick Settlement

The mediation process usually takes 4-10 weekly sessions compared to regular divorce cases dragging for several months, and even years. Moreover, regular divorce proceedings are complicated and take more time than you can afford to spend in court. Mediation, on the contrary, is fast, flexible, and effective. Due to its easiness and flexibility, communication between the parties remains open and smooth. The process allows you to take a quick and cooperative approach than taking an aggressive approach, leaving everyone unhappy, dissatisfied and exhausted.

4. Less Emotionally Stressful

Did you know that mediation is much less stressful than usual divorce proceedings? When it comes to a normal divorce suit, it’s weighed down by multiple court appearances, lawyer meetings, and numerous confrontations with your spouse. This is not the case when you work with a mediation attorney who helps in promoting friendly cooperation that is beneficial to the husband, wife, and kids. You can sort out matters peacefully without involving in ugly fights, verbal abuse, and playing the blame game all the time. This way, you can arrive at an amicable settlement, thus keeping both the parties happy and satisfied. With the intervention of a mediation lawyer, no single party feels that he or she has been cornered. Everything is decided in the presence of man and wife. It also helps you work peacefully at the office when you know what to expect from mediation. Kids’ happiness matters to parents. So when you know that an amicable out-of-court settlement is the best interest of your child, there is nothing like it.

5. Remains Confidential

Divorce proceedings at a public courtroom are emotionally draining for both. Everyone present is witness to the ugliness of your marriage and all come to know about each intimate detail. There is no privacy for the husband and wife and the two families involved. After all, who wants people to learn about the dirt and malice of an unpleasant relation come to public view? Even the pizza boy who delivered food to you may become a witness to an ugly relationship if you choose to fight the divorce case in a court of law. Your neighbors may also know everything about your marriage now. Therefore, a traditional lawyer is not always the right choice when you are divorcing your partner. The greatest benefit of mediation is that it remains private and confidential. You may not even need to be present in court. The mediation lawyer will take care of all your paperwork, signing documents, and filing the papers. This way, both the parties’ privacy is assured.

The lawyer will call a meeting at a mutually agreed location that is private, comfortable, and convenient for both the husband and wife. No one except the mediator will come to hear what is said about your marriage. No details of the conversation will become public knowledge. The only papers the court will receive are the signed, final, and mutually consented details related to your divorce.

6. Benefits the Child

Divorce proceedings, especially custody battles turn ugly and intimidate the kids. It damages your child’s lifestyle and career as well. Owing to the accommodating nature of mediation, issues related to custody of the child is handled very carefully and sensitively. The lawyer places some terms and conditions in front of the parents, which seems logical and fair to both the parties. Everything is decided peacefully. Things get sorted, taking care of the child’s welfare so that he or she does not feel betrayed or left out. The children are less affected because they are not asked to be a witness against the parents in a court of law.


Now that you know about the benefits of hiring a mediation lawyer, what are you waiting for? Let your divorce be a simplified process without taking a toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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