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Common Injuries Due To Defective Products

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When day-to-day products bring harm to a consumer in the USA, they are regarded as defective. These are the kind of products that don’t operate as expected. They might have some tiny components that might break off and be hazardous to people, especially young kids. The products might also be without common safety features like rails and guards that can bring harm.

Burn and Choking Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Choking deaths are very common among children. This is because they usually experience the world through the senses of taste, touch, smell and sight when they are young. The common items that create choking hazards are toys. They should be suitable for a particular age group, and should always come with a clear safety warning. Products used by adults should also have warning labels. This is because certain electrical household appliances like hair dryers can, at times, have very faulty wiring. More about this is explained here.

Fractures and Organ Failure from Defective Products

The fact that pharmaceuticals can also be considered as defective products is not a common knowledge to many. There are times that prescription drugs might cause grave side effects that might not be clearly indicated on the label. Long-term use of these drugs can also lead to lung problems, cardiac arrest, kidney and heart failure, and brain damage.

Death caused by a defective product is a common case where automobiles are involved. Tires might explode making cars roll over when turning in various corners. On top of that, countless cases of death have also been caused injuries from a defective product by defective brakes. Fuel tanks have also caught fire and caused death.

Child car seats, seat belts and air bags are some of the items that are meant to keep vehicle occupants safe. However, these products have been the cause of death to many road users. According to a lobbying group for public interest, Public Citizen, child car seats are the most common products that have been recalled. They have caused fatal and serious injuries such as paralysis amongst children.

For those who use ladders or even ride bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, head injuries are very common. The user might be putting a helmet to safeguard the head, but if it ends up being damaged upon the impact, then it gives no or little protection for the head of the person. Most users don’t test helmets when they buy, there is a sort of level of responsibility on the side of the maker for safety product such us this.

Cases of product liability against the makers of defective items have been part of several reputable law firms’ practice. If you happen to be a victim of any of these, then you need a serious product liability litigation law firm that will pursue the claims with an advanced degree of skill and professionalism. A good attorney should be able to examine all negligence cases for any possibility of a claim against the distributor or the manufacturer of the defective product as explained here.

These firms work together with a professional team of forensic experts to strengthen the claim of the product liability.