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Types of Injuries from Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

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A trip and fall accident can happen when you least expect it, and you may end up with injuries to a foot, knee or ankle joint, back, wrist, or just about any other part of your body impacted by a fall. This type of accident can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as poor lighting, uneven sidewalks, or badly maintained stairs or walkways.

While some falls simply result in bumps and bruises, others can lead to very serious injuries that include long-term pain and disability. Attorney Peter Briskin is an experienced trip and fall attorney who can help you obtain compensation if you’ve been seriously hurt from a fall caused by someone else’s negligence. The Law Office of Peter Briskin serves those who have been injured in either New Jersey or New York.

Injuries Sustained in Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many different injuries that can result from slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Whether you slip on a wet surface or trip over a hole in a sidewalk, you can sustain many debilitating injuries including:

  • Joint injuries - such as strains or sprains of the knees or ankles, or damage to wrists from attempting to break a fall – torn ligaments and tendons

  • Foot injuries - which can be very debilitating and may include broken bones in the foot

  • Broken bones - in different parts of the body, fractures of the knee, wrist, arms, legs and ankles, as well as pelvic fractures

  • Head injuries - such as a concussion or a skull fracture – at times resulting in cognitive disabilities

  • Other Injuries - to the neck or back – herniated and bulging discs or fractured vertebrae

What to Expect from a Trip and Fall Attorney?

When you have sustained injuries from a fall, it’s important to obtain professional medical care as soon as possible and to closely follow whatever instructions your doctor gives you. If you believe your fall was caused by someone else’s negligence, a consultation with a professional trip and fall attorney is also important.

When you call the Law Office of Peter Briskin, questions we may ask in order to evaluate your case include:

  • Can you describe the accident and how it occurred?

  • Were there any witnesses?

  • Do you know what caused your fall?

  • Did you take any photographs or video of the dangerous condition that caused you fall?

  • Can you describe the lighting at the location of the fall? Were there any obvious signs of neglect?

  • Did you report the accident to anyone?

  • Have you received medical treatment from a doctor or hospital?

  • Can you describe your injuries and any ongoing treatment you are still receiving?

Who Pays for My Medical Expenses?

The financial impact of a trip and fall accident may be much greater than you ever expected. Who pays for medical expenses that you incur because of a fall? You may be entitled to compensation from a liable party. Also, keep in mind that you could be facing long-term scarring or disfigurement, and there may be many more treatments that need to be done in the future.

At the Law Office of Peter Briskin, we will go over the details of your case and leave you to devoting your time to physical recovery while we take all necessary steps to preserve your right to recover full compensation for all your losses. Of paramount importance is our sealous representation in fighting for compensation for your pain and suffering, so it’s in your best interest to have the guidance of an experienced trip and fall lawyer.

Contact our team of expert slip and fall accident attorneys to go over the details of your case. There is no charge for a consultation, so call today.

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