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Mr S v Evans: Road traffic accident (bicycle) leg broken in 3 places - Karen Cawood, Spencers Solicitors

19/04/19. In January 2016, the claimant (age 68 at the time of the accident) was cycling around a roundabout when the defendant collided with the cyclist and knocked him into the road. Emergency services were called to the accident location where the claimant received medical attention and was further admitted to hospital. As a result of the accident the claimant spent 11 days in hospital.

Liability admitted: 28th July 2016


The claimant suffered 3 breaks in his left leg and required a 44cm metal rod placing in his leg for support. The injuries are well healed with ongoing pain in the left leg. It is suggested that the claimant gets the metal rod removed from his leg and the pain will improve, if he does not, the pain will continue. Crutches were used for 10 weeks after the incident occurred. Claimant commenced driving again in April of the same year. Given the Claimant’s age he had no loss of earnings. In addition, he did not wish to have further surgery.

The claim was settled in August 2018 by way of acceptance of the defendants Part 36 offer in the sum of £17,500

Karen Cawood of Spencers Solicitors represented the claimant.

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