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Top 5 Factors when Facing a DUI Case

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A DUI case is something that’s taken very seriously because of the danger it poses for you and those around you. When you’re being pulled over by the police, getting a DUI charge is a scary thought, as you risk facing life-changing penalties.

Here are some DUI defense factors that will help with your preparation for facing this charge.

    1. Medical Issues

Sometimes, you might deal with medical conditions that will make you look like you’re under the influence of alcohol. For example, allergies might cause your eyes to look red, watery, and give you sinus problems. Moreover, something such as fatigue could also affect the results of the breathalyzer test too.

There is also one diabetic condition that causes your breath to smell like alcohol, leading to a false accusation of drunkenness while hitting the road. Therefore, make sure you let the judge know if this is the case.

    1. Unreasonable Police Stop

Cases where the police pull someone over for no reason are not unheard of. In fact, many police officers can do that just because they had their suspicions.

However, that shouldn’t occur unless they saw you do something wrong. If your vehicle was in order and you were following all the rules, then the policemen have no reason to stop you. If they do, this can be used against them if the case goes further.

    1. Diet

Particular diets can affect the result of the DUI breath test and end up with the police officer falsely accusing you of drunk driving. Usually, diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in proteins can lead to this. One example would be the Atkins-style diet.

If you’re into such a diet and think that you’ve been unfairly accused because of it, it can be used as a defense if you’re able to prove it.

    1. Faulty Breath Tests

Police officers carry breath tests that will help them determine whether you’ve had some drinks recently or not, but that doesn’t mean they’re always reliable. In fact, while it’s the most common way to detect alcohol in someone’s breath, it doesn’t directly measure the alcohol level in your blood. There are many outside issues that would lead to a bad result when taking a breath test, and if you know you’re innocent, you can use this as a means to defend yourself.

    1. Improper Communication

When the police pull you over for a test, they shouldn’t interrogate you without having a counsel present. Sometimes, law enforcement would still try to do this to avoid going to a trial, while using methods that wouldn’t normally be allowed by DUI attorneys. If this happens, you need to talk about it, as the judge might not be pleased to hear about the law enforcement’s actions.

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