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Why Hiring an Attorney After a Hit and Run Accident Can Benefit You Greatly

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Did you know that more than one hit and run crash happens every passing minute across the United States? According to new research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, hit and run accidents accounted for 2,049 deaths in 2019, which was a astounding 60% increase since 2009. The same report states that an average of 682,000 hit and run crashes occurred each year since 2006, increasing an average of 7.2% each year since 2009, with nearly 65% of people killed being pedestrians or bicyclists. And the final nail on the coffin: New Mexico, Louisiana, and Florida rank with the highest rate of fatal hit and run crashes in the United States. If you think that hit and run accidents are few and far between, then you may want to consider these numbers and think again.

Case Construction & Supportive Evidence Collection

If you’re a victim of a hit and run, then pardon the expression but you may not know what just hit you. A professional attorney with specialized skills in hit and run cases won’t waste a minute of time, as they know exactly what to look for, where to begin, and how to collect, gather, and obtain the needed evidence and documentation for your case. If you were to take on the case yourself, you may find that what you deem acceptable as evidence, an insurance company or court does not. You may find that constructing a case on your own behalf is much more difficult than you first believed it to be.

Fortunately, your attorney has years of personal injury cases under their belt and can navigate the laws, insurance polices, and case composition with ease. Evidence is critical, and often time sensitive, and the same goes for witnesses; your attorney will lay the groundwork to create a supportive, argumentative case on your behalf. So, even if you aren’t sure where to go if you cannot find the at-fault party, your experienced attorney will know where to turn.

Legal Representation in Every Sense

Victims of hit and run accidents have injuries that put them out of work and likely out of a normal lifestyle for quite some time, but with the aid of a seasoned hit and run lawyer, they won’t need to worry about their case—it’s in good hands. Your attorney is your legal representation, tasked with seeking compensation on your behalf while you do the most important part: focus on your own physical and mental health. All of the work—the deadlines, the court dates, and the entire case process—is not your responsibility, but your attorney’s.

Fight for a Fair Settlement

Hit and run accidents will most likely mean you won’t find the person responsible for your personal injuries sustained in the incident. Your attorney will be fighting for fair compensation from an insurance company, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Fortunately, a skilled attorney knows how to negotiate, how to ligate, and how to fight for what’s fair on their client’s behalf, and with years of experience in going up against big insurance companies, this isn’t anything new to them. Hit and run attorneys do this on a daily basis and can play the game just as the insurance giants can. Your attorney will seek all damages, aiming to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and considering any lost income in the future, too.

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