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7 Things You Want To Know About Medical Malpractice

In a world where the healthcare system is – by and large – paid for; we do not expect to come across medical malpractice on a grand scale. Unfortunately, mistakes are made and accidents do happen. But what are the chances that they will happen to you…Right?

We put together this list of the top 7 things that you really ought to know about medical malpractice – according to the experts.

The Top 7 Things You Should Know about Medical Malpractice!

Medical malpractice can happen to even the most prepared. Here are 7 things you should really know – just in case the worst should happen!

1 - Studies show Medical Malpractice is ‘fairly common’ in the USA

Of all of the countries in the world, the USA is reputed as having one of the very best healthcare systems. It is extremely surprising then that a study conducted in the Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research Journal reports that medical malpractice is fairly common in the USA.

2 - There are around 250,000 deaths from medical malpractice every year in the US

Considering we have one of the best healthcare systems – we also have the highest likelihood of mistakes being made. We can only assume that this figure has to do with those who cannot afford proper medical care, and who have to use less reputable means of treatment.

3 – Medical Malpractice is the 3rd most common cause of death in the USA

As of 2018, a special report into modern medicine by CNBC[i] revealed that the third biggest cause of death in the USA was medical malpractice. They cite mistakes made by surgeons and doctors as one of the chief reasons that you might die in the USA…

4 – The average settlement for medical malpractice in the USA is around $400,000[ii]

Although it varies from state to state, the average out-of-court settlement for a medical malpractice lawsuit in the USA is around the 400k mark. This is only the ones which are settled out of court remember.

5 – While the average in court Jury Award is over 1 million dollars

One report in the Miami Herald[iii] was of Miami medical malpractice attorneys reclaiming a cool $33.8 million for a single case. In this instance, a Doctor accepted a phone call to his broker while he was delivering a baby! This unacceptable behaviour was rightly made public and the Doctor in question was made to pay.

6 – Being Proactive is the best way to avoid medical malpractice

Thoroughly researching any medical professional you are scheduled to meet with before you agree to treatment is the best way to avoid medical malpractice happening to you. Being proactive in choosing who you want to let work on you remains the best way to prevent incident.

7 – Some people don’t speak up about medical malpractice

It is estimated that far more people suffer from medical malpractice than bother to report it. Why is this? Some are ashamed, some are unable, and some have been killed by their doctor’s mistakes. Don’t become a statistic and don’t let this happen to you. Be proactive about healthcare… it may just save your life one day.







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