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Case Summary: M v L - Steven Barke, Spencers Solicitors Limited

22/12/20. Case Name: M v L


Accident Date: 


Settlement Date: 




The Claimant was driving her employer's vehicle round a bend on 21 November 2016 when the Defendant was driving on the wrong side of the road. The Claimant swerved to avoid the Defendant, but the Defendant drove into the driver's side of the Claimant's car. The airbags were deployed.

The Claimant was taken to hospital and underwent various tests and scans and was diagnosed with a fracture to the right elbow. The Claimant also had bruising across the chest and abdomen and soft tissue injuries to the left wrist, back, neck and chest. A few days later, the Claimant was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The Claimant wore a splint on her wrist and elbow for three months. The claimant also undertook a course of physiotherapy. The medical evidence confirmed that although the Claimant suffers with pain the symptoms will not deteriorate and no further invention will be required.

Before the accident, the Claimant was retired and decided to take on a part time job as a delivery agent, working 16 hours a week. Due to the injuries, the Claimant did not return back to their work and retired once again. 


Liability was admitted by the defendant.


The Claimant received a global settlement of £35,000.00.

No formal breakdown was provided; however the Claimant's Solicitors estimate a breakdown of £18,000.00 for general damages and £17,000.00 for special damages (of which £15,000.00 for loss of earnings and £2,000.00 for care). 

Solicitors for the Claimant

: Steven Barke of Spencers Solicitors Limited

Solicitors for the Defendant
: Plexus Law 

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