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How Dangerous Is It to Ride a Motorbike in the UK?

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Roads can be dangerous for anyone in society, but the risk is even greater for certain road users. In particular, motorcyclists and cyclists are at risk of becoming involved in serious accidents. Riding on the road alongside motorists is perfectly acceptable for these two-wheel vehicles, but there are several reasons why it can be a dangerous activity.

This article will explain the dangers faced by motorcyclists in the UK and how you can get compensation following an accident.

The Dangers of Being a Motorcyclist

Death by dangerous driving can happen to anyone, whether you’re a motorist, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian. However, there is evidence that motorcyclists are at risk more than any other road user. In recent years, statistics released by the UK government suggest that people who drive motorbikes are 62 times more likely to die from an accident than people who drive cars. In 2017, the fatality rate per billion passenger miles was 116.9. The same rate for cyclists was considerably lower at 30.9 but still highlights extreme levels of risk.

So why are more motorcyclists more likely to die as a result of an accident than anyone else? There are several potential answers to this question. Ultimately, motorcyclists have less protection. While car drivers have airbags and an interior environment, motorcyclists do not. It’s unlikely that a motorist will be flung if they crash. People who drive motorbikes, however, are pretty much guaranteed to be flung even if they have the faintest of collisions. The impact of a collision can cause severe injuries and there may be further complications if the motorcyclist becomes trapped. Of course, the same hazards exist for cyclists. However, as motorbikes are able to reach high speeds, often equally or eclipsing that of cars, accidents tend to be more serious. Motorcyclists can be difficult for car drivers to spot, which is why a lot of accidents happen. Other hazards include uneven road conditions, poor weather conditions and potholes, all of which can cause motorcyclists to suddenly lose control of their vehicle.

When someone dies as a result of an accident, the damage is felt by close loved ones such as family and friends. People who depended on the deceased, including spouses and children, may also be affected financially as well as emotionally. If someone survives an accident, there is obviously a great sigh of relief. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Accidents don’t just leave death in their wake. Injuries to motorcyclists can be extremely seriously and in a lot of cases, end up negatively impacting the victim’s life in a significant way. Injuries may lead to extreme pain, loss of functions and life-changing results, both in an aesthetic and functioning manner. The injuries can also compound to affect the victim’s emotional stability, often causing depression and other mental health problems. Not to mention, many riders see their motorbike as a hobby. Following an accident, a large proportion of motorcyclists find themselves unable to take to the roads again, either because of fear, low confidence or physical limitation caused by injuries.

Getting Compensation for a Motorbike Accident

If someone has been involved in an accident, they shouldn’t have to suffer alone. Options are available out there to support them, including personal injury compensation claims. Compensation is a valuable part of the recovery process. Pay-outs will help the victim receive medical treatment, rehabilitation, losses and other financial support.

Every case is different, and therefore, it’s not possible to provide an exact amount of how much compensation you may be entitled to. Compensation pay-outs vary depending on how the accident came to be, physical and mental injuries sustained, and other factors that the accident has impacted. But with that said, some guides provide an indication of how much a person may receive. A motorbike or bicycle accident compensation calculator can inform you of the baseline of what you can claim for. These calculators typically present the expected minimum and maximum pay-outs for specific injuries, from shoulder dislocations to loss of legs, tissue damage and whiplash.

If you have been affected by a motorbike accident, you must seek an accident solicitor as soon as possible. The solicitor will be able to provide advice and information that is tailored to your circumstances. Solicitors are there to support victims during a challenging period in their life. Solicitors don’t just help victims claim compensation damages that they are entitled to; they should also provide aid and rehabilitation to overcome their injuries and psychological trauma. Before recruiting a firm, make sure that you look around for various options. Only choose a firm that is right for you, has experience in your accident area, and has your best interests at heart.

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