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Most Common Areas in Brooklyn for Car Accidents

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Brooklyn has the most car accidents in New York City. The borough has more than 1.5 million residents and more than 700,000 registered vehicles. Brooklyn residents have to deal with bad roads, poor driving habits, and traffic congestion.

The following are the most common areas for car accidents in Brooklyn:

Flatbush Ave/Coney Island Ave

This is such a big one that it deserves a special mention.

This intersection has been named as one of the worst intersections in New York City by Streetsblog NYC because it has seen numerous serious accidents over the years. At this intersection, drivers must cross over two lanes before they reach their destination, making it difficult for them to see oncoming traffic quickly enough if someone decides to run red lights or stop signs at this location.

Usually, there are more pedestrian-involving crashes here than at any other intersection in all five boroughs combined.

Here are the other dangerous areas:

      Red Hook and Gowanus Canal

      Park Slope/Prospect Heights


      Utica Avenue and Atlantic Avenue

Getting out of a car accident case

Mounting a case for a car accident is a fairly complex deal. Without the experience of an attorney or a law firm behind you, you will simply lack the investigative outreach or evidence collection skill that is necessary to communicate and narrate your case most efficiently in court.

A car accident is a nasty business. Though it makes sense why people might choose to settle such cases out of court, if you think you are not getting fairly treated or compensated, then it is time to ring up the lawyers.

Sometimes, depending on the proficiency of the attorney in question, these can be wrapped up sooner than out-of-court settlements and negotiations – which can still take weeks against more stubborn parties.

These are complicated matters. And it is extremely easy to make them even more complicated. That is why we recommend that you seek out the professional help of a Brooklyn car accident lawyer immediately.

In conclusion

Brooklyn is one of the most popular boroughs in New York City. It is also one of the most trafficked areas with over 3 million people commuting to and from Brooklyn every day. This puts a lot of pressure on the roadways, which can make car accidents more common in Brooklyn than in other areas.

There is nothing more disruptive than being in a car accident in Brooklyn.

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