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Case Summary: G v C - Stephanie Robinson, Spencers Solicitors Limited

01/12/22. Case Name: G v C

Accident Date: 12/11/2020

Settlement Date: 26/04/2022


Background and Liability

G was aged 54 at the time of her road traffic accident. She was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a severe rear end shunt. Following the accident, G was in shock and was unable to exit the vehicle for approximately 10 minutes. Her vehicle was not driveable and subsequently written off. She had to be collected from the scene.

Liability was admitted.

Personal Injuries

Immediately after the accident, G was aware of pain and stiffness to her lower back and left hip/pelvis towards her groin and outer aspect. The pain was moderate for the first 3 months and then became episodic and worse on some days. She also suffered with bruising to both legs.

G underwent some physiotherapy and felt improvement.

4 years prior to the accident, G had received an MRI scan on her lower back which showed evidence of multiple lever lower thoracic and lumbar disc dehydration/ degeneration, with impingement of bilateral L5 nerve roots, worse on the left. The injury as a result of the accident, resolved to pre-accident level by 3 months.

Pain and stiffness to the hip and groin was ongoing. 3 years prior to the accident, and MRI showed evidence of bilateral trochanteric bursitis. Upon seeing a medico-legal expert for the preparation of a medical report, it was recommended that G undergo a further MRI scan for the pelvis/ left hip.

As a result of the accident, G also suffered with pain and stiffness to her neck. The symptoms were not immediate and came about approximately 3-5 days following the accident. G was restricted in her neck movements especially rotation to the left. Her symptoms were to subside 16-18 months from the date of the accident.

G took regular pain relief for 6 weeks then over the counter pain relief for 6 months or so as and when required. G was unable to carry out any yoga for 5 months, and upon returning was mildly restricted.

G refrained from work for 1 week and returned under duress. She was restricted in various general tasks and domestic chores that required lifting anything heavy, for the initial 4 months.

G suffered with severe travel anxiety following the accident, which did not improve for some time and upon returning to drive was restricted in turning her head. The medico-legal expert recommended G was examined by a clinical psychologist to assess ongoing symptoms.


Following disclosure of the medical evidence to the Defendant’s insurers, a settlement offer was made, despite the medical evidence being inconclusive. G aged 56 at the time of settlement, accepted an offer of £6000.00. No breakdown was provided, however the MRI quotation was approximately £1000.00 and there were travel expenses at approximately £150.00.

Solicitors for the Claimant:

Stephanie Robinson, Spencers Solicitors Limited

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