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Top 10 Tips to Cutting Expert Costs in Clinical Negligence - Dr Mark Burgin

09/10/16. Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP explains how generalist experts can reduce the costs of both low value and high value clinical negligence cases.

Instruct a generalist first

Generalists are experts in medicine as a whole, the processes of obtaining care and in managing complexity.

The generalist’s report can both organise the evidence logically using medical understanding but also highlight important details for the specialist’s attention.

The generalist has a unique role in identifying those material questions that need to be answered in order to establish the case.

Only use a specialist expert to answer a material question

Specialists need good instructions so they can efficiently draw from their experience, training and research and properly assist the court.

Generalists can help the instructing solicitors prepare the specialist’s instructions in the form of material questions...

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