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Calculating Loss of a Chance in Delayed Cancer Diagnosis - Dr Mark Burgin

01/11/16. Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP explains how life expectancy calculations can reduce the number of negative condition and prognosis reports.

Since Gregg v Scott many specialists give negative condition and prognosis reports in cancer thus denying the claimant compensation from the delay.

The main approach taken by consultant oncologists when calculating the effect of delay is to consider whether it is likely that the claimant has moved from one stage of cancer to another stage.

Where it is likely that a claimant was at one stage and moved to another during the delay then the oncologist can quote the figures for each stage giving a long-term prognosis.

The oncology treatment at each stage may be different so each possibility can be considered and allowed for and the associated disability and symptoms described.

There is a different approach that uses...

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