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Book Review - 'Clinical Practice and the Law: A Legal Prima for Clinicians' by Giles Eyre

27/11/18. A further excellent publication from a barrister with a wealth of practical experience in understanding how lawyers and experts interact in the field of civil litigation. Following his previous successful book on “Writing medico-legal reports in Civil Claims”, he covers in his latest text the legal language and thinking, evidence, proof, acting as an expert, communication between parties, consent, mental capacity, as well as a final chapter on ‘when things go wrong’.

His considerable experience in civil litigation practice combined with his clear, concise arguments make this book an essential guide for clinicians. Despite 50 years of my own experience as a clinician, I have found a lot to learn from Eyre’s book.

His style reflects his own clarity of thinking and provides both lawyers and experts with an excellent grounding in key concepts of medico-legal practice. Although it is aimed primarily at doctors, clinicians and experts, it is recommended to lawyers as well. The final statement in his ‘Author’s note’ on page xvii says: “If you think there is something the next edition should include, let me know – I too am happy to learn”. This epitomises his commitment to reflective learning and how we can and should continue to read, discuss and learn. I highly recommend this concise text to lawyers, doctors and experts.

Hugh Koch
Professor in Law & Psychology
Birmingham City University

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