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The Secret Authors of Medical Expert Reports - Dr Mark Burgin

28/07/19. Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP explains how the report writing software or an associate of the expert may be the true author of a medical expert report.

A well laid out report that includes summaries of the documents that the expert has reviewed in separate sections which confirm the origins of that information can be useful.

The reader can then skip the section if familiar with the other document or read the summary and therefore save time spent finding and reading that document.

Having a template can save the expert time and provide a structure for amending with specific details but can include general statements that the expert forgets to change.

The time taken to check whether the report is contradictory and time costs of putting specific details leads to many reports being devoid of material evidence and at risk of plagiarism.

Who is the Author?

There are situations where the history is from a fellow professional or the records so that the only way of filling the gap in the report is to...

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