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1. Introduction

1.1 This website is operated by Law Brief Publishing Ltd (LBP). LBP provides annual online subscriptions to the PI Brief Update Law Journal (PIBULJ).

2. Data Laws

All personal data is collected and processed in compliance with all relevant UK laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See our Privacy Policy for further details.

3. Booking

3.1 Submission of a booking form by you amounts to an offer. We are deemed to accept that offer once three full working days pass after our automatic confirmation email is sent out (or a confirmation letter) without us declining your booking.

3.2 Video bookings: Videos can be purchased separately from a subscription. A video booking gives access for a minimum period of one calendar year. The videos use standard technology which works on a range of computing systems, however no liability is accepted for failure of technology, and free video segments are provided for the purpose of testing in advance of purchase.

4. Subscriptions

4.1 PIBULJ is published online once per calendar month. An annual subscription will entitle the customer to access all subscription content on the website for a period of exactly twelve calendar months.

4.2. Access to the online PIBULJ is by the username and password supplied by us. It is the responsibility of the person named on the booking to supply these details to everyone within the office who is entitled to and wishes to receive them.

4.3. Subscriptions will be due for renewal at the end of twelve calendar months from the date of joining. Access may be terminated by us at that point unless payment for renewal has been received.

4.4. We use standard web technologies to deliver online access to PIBULJ, which is compatible with most internet browsers. We are not liable, and are not obliged to supply any refunds, if you cannot view the journals due to firewalls, other hardware or software issues within your organisation, or failure of any technology used by you. We provide free demonstration journal issues, and it is your responsibility to check that our technology works on your systems.

4.5. All reasonable effort will be made to ensure that online journal issues are published once per calendar month. In the event that an issue is delayed no refund will be due. In the event of one or more issues being cancelled, all subscribers will be offered an extension of their subscription by the appropriate number if issues.

5. Payment

5.1. Payment is due within 28 days of invoice and interest accrues on any unpaid debt at 4% above Barclays Bank plc's base rate.

6. Delivery

6.1. Subscriptions remain in effect subject to payment being received within 28 days of the invoice being sent by us. We have the right to suspend or terminate subscriptions without notice where payments are not made by the due date. We retain the right to pursue payment for suspended subscriptions and to reinstate access once all due fees are recovered.

7. Intellectual Property & Access Rights

7.1. We grant to subscribers a non-exclusive license to view the materials supplied by us, either online or in print. Copyright in all materials remains with LBP. Any usage outside of the licensing terms will lead to liability for additional payments.

7.2. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep safe the username and password for access to PIBULJ. The customer may be liable for any non-licensed usage of these details. We utilise user passwords, IP tracking, and other technologies to monitor compliance with our license terms. You consent to us monitoring the IP address of any computers accessing the journal using your password.

7.3. We have the right to suspend or terminate accounts without notice if we determine that they are being used in violation of our license rules.

8. Renewal

8.1. We will automatically send subscribers of PIBULJ an invoice for renewal about one month before renewal is due. Renewals will be for a further period of one year. There is no obligation to pay this invoice provided you tell us you do not want to renew within one month of receiving the invoice. We will tell you of your right to cancel at the time we send you the renewal invoice.

9. Exclusion / Limitation of liability

9.1. Our obligation is to use reasonable care in the preparation of our journals, having regard to their status within the profession. We may substitute authors and articles at any time.

9.2. Neither we, nor our authors, are liable for any errors or omissions in the content of their presentations.

9.3. Without prejudice to clauses 8.1 and 8.2, our liability is limited to the return of any fees paid by you to us for access to the journals, to the pro rata cost of a particular issue.

10. CPD

10.1. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with the CPD rules of their relevant professional organisation and to maintain records of points awarded.

10.2. We have the right to rescind the validity of any CPD points awarded if payment of a subscription is overdue.

10.3 We may charge for replacement of lost or unclaimed CPD certificates at the amount of £5+vat per certificate.

10.4 The CPD quizzes are available online currently to PIBULJ subscribers. These are bundled as free extras and do not constitute part of PIBULJ itself. Access to these tests may be removed at any time.  Note that the CPD systems of both the SRA and BSB have changed recently so that CPD quizzes are no longer produced.

11. Bundled Products

11.1 The videos, book chapters, and PDF files are available online currently to PIBULJ subscribers for certain issues. These are bundled as free extras and do not constitute part of PIBULJ itself. These products may be discontinued at any time and access to existing items may be removed at any time.

12. Accessibility

12.1 We've tried hard to make our website user-friendly and accessible. If you have any problems using the site or any of our products, please contact us.

13. Trials

13.1 From time to time we may offer trial subscriptions to the full archive of articles. Trials are currently priced at £1 for the first month. Trials are subject to all of the usual subscription terms except that the conditions of pricing and renewals are as below.

13.2 Following the one month trial period, if the customer does not cancel the trial via their Paypal settings, the account will convert into a full single user subscription and will be automatically billed via Paypal each quarter at no greater than the rate notified on sign-up

13.3 We may cancel a trial booking at our discretion for any reason, for example if the same customer (meaning the firm or self-employed barrister) has already used a free trial at any time in the past.

13.4 The trial acount is limited to one person per firm or chambers except that we reserve the right to accept additional people at our complete discretion.


14. Changes

14.1. We have the right to alter these terms at any time.



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