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November 2020 Contents

Welcome to the November 2020 issue of PI Brief Update Law Journal. Click the relevant links below to read the articles.


Note that there are no new monthly CPD quizzes since the SRA and the BSB have both updated their CPD schemes to eliminate this requirement. Reading PIBULJ articles can still help to meet your CPD needs. For further details see our CPD Information page.


Personal Injury Articles
Sports Injuries and the Law - Michelle Liddy, Oriel Chambers
Very often in sports there are incidents which lawyers must wonder about in a way that others may not. When Luis Suarez bit off more than he could chew in Liverpool’s Premier League encounter with Chelsea in April 2013 there was a storm of controversy. If the same incident had occurred on the street rather than on the pitch nobody would have been surprised if civil or even criminal action was initiated...
FREE CHAPTER from 'A Practical Guide to Costs in Personal Injury Claims - 2nd Edition' by Matthew Hoe
It’s two decades since the CPR came in. Costs are now fixed; many of the problems with costs are fixed; but costs law is anything but simple. There is so much you need to know. This book is the place to start. It’s an everyday guide to the everyday issues, with each point covered in a bitesize format. Don’t know how the rules apply in the circumstances of your claim? Find it here. Can’t remember the name of that key case? Find it here. Need a quick guide on the law in a specific area? Find it here...
FREE CHAPTER from 'A Practical Guide to the Compensation Recovery Unit and NHS Charges in Personal Injury Claims in England & Wales' by Andrew Cousins
The Compensation Recovery Unit provides a system whereby the Department for Work and Pensions may clawback a proportion of some of the damages awarded or agreed to be paid to a person in respect of certain state benefits obtained by that person in consequence of an accident, injury or disease...
Summary of Recent Cases, November 2020
Here is a summary of the recent notable court cases over the past month...
PI Practitioner, November 2020
Each issue a particular topic is highlighted, citing some of the useful cases and other materials in that area. This month: Swift v Carpenter [2020] EWCA Civ 1467...
Clinical Negligence Medicine by Dr Mark Burgin
Does the insurance policy cover COVID-19? - Dr Mark Burgin
Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP discusses the role of the medical expert in interpreting insurance policies and whether a primer would be useful...
Sources of Data for Monitoring Expert Performance - Dr Mark Burgin
Dr. Mark Burgin BM BCh (oxon) MRCGP considers what sources are available for monitoring of experts and how to maximise the benefit from that data...
Medico-Legal Articles, Edited by Dr Hugh Koch
What the Judge thought of the expert evidence - (Koch HCH, Rydin-Orwin T, Riggs E, Gorman J and Jansen F, 2020)
This is the thirty-second in a series of Case reports and Commentaries from Professor Koch and colleagues. Case: Pepe’s Piri Ltd. vs. Junaid and Food Trends ltd. (and others). 31.7.19. Citation No: [2019] EWHC 2097 (QB). This case involved the claim for damages due to alleged injuries to the claimants’ business by unlawful means...

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