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Summary of Recent Cases, April 2020

15/04/20. Here is a summary of the recent notable court cases over the past month. You can also receive these for free by registering for our PI Brief Update newsletter. Just select "Free Newsletter" from the menu at the top of this page and fill in your email address.

Summary of Recent Cases - Substantive Law

Brian John Morrow v Shrewsbury Rugby Union Football Club Ltd [2020] EWHC 379 (QB)

The Claimant and his wife had been watching their son play rugby on the Defendant's field. During the match, the Claimant was struck over the head by a rugby post, which fell over and knocked him unconscious. The Claimant was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital, where he remained for three days. The Defendant accepted liability for the accident.

The Claimant's Case
Prior to the accident the Claimant worked as an independent financial adviser at the Manchester branch of a financial services company. He became a Senior Adviser in 2004 and was made Branch Head in 2015. But for the accident, the Claimant contended that he would have continued to work within the company until his retirement at the age of 65 years. It was his case that the accident left him with hearing problems, tinnitus, balance problems and cognitive complaints. The accident had also caused a resurgence of previous epilepsy, as well as a new somatoform disorder which caused him to give up work. He would never be able to resume his work as a financial advisor and would only be capable of achieving minimum wage going forward. The Claimant's main...

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