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Case Summary: B v HH - Stephanie Robinson, Spencers Solicitors

02/04/21. Case Name : B v HH

Accident Date : 14/09/2019

Settlement Date : 21/10/2020


Background and Liability

Public Liability

The Claimant, a pedestrian at the time, entered a field to walk the public footpath with her dogs. The field had inadequate fencing around its perimeter when she was attacked by cows. The Claimant was repeatedly pushed into a stone wall by the cows, forcing her to the ground, whilst also attacking her dogs.

The Defendant failed to install fencing which permitted livestock to enter the public right of way which was dangerous to pedestrians.

Liability for the accident was admitted by the Defendant.


The Claimant attended hospital and her dogs were taken to the vets. She was given an X-ray to ensure she had not suffered any breaks or internal injuries.

The Claimant suffered severe pain and bruising to her left shoulder, arm, left leg, back and buttocks along with cuts and abrasions to her face, arms and chest.

The Claimant limped heavily for several days and the pain to her arm, shoulder, knee and buttocks resolved in approximately 4 weeks. During these 4 weeks, the Claimant had difficulties with lifting, personal care and shopping and required help from her partner.

The Claimant suffered with disturbed sleep and situational anxiety. The Claimant became terrified of cows, and experienced anxiety even when the cows were in a field and she was driving past. These symptoms were ongoing.

The pain to her left leg and back continued and the Claimant was left with a feint scar to her left arm, which would fade with time.

Further medical evidence was required in respect of her ongoing symptoms; however the Defendant made an offer to settle which the Claimant accepted.


£7500.00 for personal injury and £500.00 for other losses

Solicitors for the Claimant : Stephanie Robinson of Spencers Solicitors Limited

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