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When Should You Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

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As road congestion rises, car accidents have become frequent and more destructive than in the past. If you are in an accident, an Orange County car accident lawyer can help you through the complex situation that is often the cause of frustration and stress. Despite your notion of not being liable for your car accident, the other party always has the right to oppose.

Having a lawyer by your side to defend your rights would be the smart thing to do when involved in a car accident. Here are some of the conditions requiring you to hire an attorney to offer you consultation and build your case in the court of law, if necessary.

Severe Injuries and Permanent Impairments

Car accidents can leave you with severe injuries and permanent impairments. Even though severe injuries cannot be estimated right after the accident, your lawyer can get in touch with your physician and have full access to your medical history. If an injury caused by the car accident has affected your general health and wellness, this could be the legal grounds for a generous recovery.

Permanent impairments can make you eligible for State pensions and insurance companies payments for the rest of your life. Your lawyer has to present the severeness of your injuries to the court audience and fight for your interest.

The Accident Caused Fatal Injuries

Every car accident causing fatal injuries should ring you a bell to call your lawyer. Police and incident reports should be gathered and investigated by your lawyer to exclude your legal liability for these fatalities. In the adverse case you are partially or completely liable for these fatal injuries, your lawyer can also plan the right strategy to avoid punitive punishment in the court of law.

Most car accidents only incur civil claims for damage recovery. The same applies to fatal injuries. Since all insurance companies comply with payments to close relatives of deceased passengers or drivers, your lawyer could also negotiate with other parties to find an out-of-court settlement and avoid a time-consuming and exhausting litigation process.

Insurance Companies Deny to Recover Your Damage

Sometimes your claims for damage repair to your car could get denied by the other party’s insurer. It is frequent for insurers to procrastinate about offering the right recovery amount just to meet the Statute of limitations deadline. If you believe that insurance companies deliberately deny your legal claims for recovery to obstruct the procedure, you need to talk to your lawyer.

An experienced lawyer can pressure the insurers to think twice before they deny your claims. Threatening to proceed with litigation for the case could be the right behavior to show them you will not accept such actions after a devastating car accident.

Possible State Government Negligence for the Accident

Government authorities' negligence is sometimes partially liable for a car accident. In case the road didn't have the right maintenance or the fluorescent signs at night to prevent you from the accident, you may sue them for negligence. Your attorney can conduct an on-site investigation about the accident conditions and come up with valuable results.

It's not easy to sue the state government for negligence; however, if you have suffered major injuries, this could be your last resort for recovery and support of your family. There is a legal team that always represents the State, so having a lawyer by your side would be a prerequisite to handle such claims.

Your Car Has Suffered Excessive Damages

After a car accident, your vehicle may have suffered excessive damages. These damages could send the car to the junkyard. The damages may also be so serious and expensive to repair that getting a new car would be the only solution. Your vehicle usually is the sole transportation means for you and your family. Losing the chance to commute to your job can cause you severe financial hardships.

When your car costs a substantial amount of money, it would be better to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the car accident liable parties. In this way, you can speed up your recovery process and show everyone that you will fight to get back what you deserve. Your lawyer can estimate the repair costs for your car and even give detailed information to the other party for your financial damage they need to cover.

A car accident can be a major incident in your life, affecting your family balance and tranquillity. Your lawyer could be a valuable advocate for your actions after the accident. Using legal resources the right way, you will always be on top of the situation.

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